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Standard six foot arm post
Four foot arm post
4 foot Single Post
Three foot single post
Three foot hidden post
Six foot double post
Four foot arm post
Commercial Post

Pricing shown is for our standard service area. Please refer to our Service Area Map for other pricing.

4' & 6' Arm Posts


  • Standard 6' Arm Post - White
  • 4' Arm Post - White


  • Premium 6' Arm Post - Gold, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Black

Price includes: Installation, removal, and rental period of 120 days.

Availability: Our Standard 6' Arm post is always available, however our colored posts have limited stock. When our stock has been depleted we remove the option for the specific color(s) from our online order system until we are able to re-stock.

Note: Colored Posts are only available with INFO stickers.

3' & 4' Single Posts


  • 3' Hidden Post

Recommended for Carefree

  • 4' Single Post - Available in White or Black

Recommended for Cave Creek and P.V.


  • 4' Single Post - Rust

Recommended for DC Ranch

  • 4' Single Post - Black

Recommended for Silver Leaf community

These posts use a single sided sign and are installed parallel with street.

Stock Rider: $0.00 - $27.00

Stock Flyer Box: $5.00 - $18.00

Trip Charge: $32.50 - $282.00

Refusal by owner/tenant: Trip Charge Applies

Lost/Stolen Post: $0.00 - $149.57

Lost/Stolen Stake: $9.00

Damaged Post: $10.00 - $149.57

Signs/Riders pickup/delivery: Trip Charge Applies
  Free for first time customer

Sign Repair: $2.00 (per eyelet)

Graffiti Removal: $2.00 (agent signs and riders)

Storage of realtor signs/riders: (indoors) No Charge

4' & 6' Double Posts


  • 4' Double Post - White

Recommended for DC Ranch and P.V., Grayhawk


  • 6' Double Post - White

Wall Spyder


Wall Spyder

Wall Arm


Wall Arm

Lock Box Services

Lock Box Combination Type - installation/removal/storage $5.50

Lock Box Electronic Type, (SUPRA) - installation/removal/storage $10.50

Commercial Posts

Contact Us for Pricing

  • Rented Single Post/Single Sign
    These are 5"x5" Square PVC
  • Customer Supplied Post, Single Post/Single Sign

Note: Posts with single signs are generally installed perpendicular with street.

Contact Us for Pricing

  • Rented Single Post/Double Sign
    These are 5"x5" Square PVC

Contact Us for Pricing

  • Purchased Wood Post 4'x4'x8'
  • Purchased Wood Post 4'x4'x10'

Contact Us for Pricing

  • Purchased Wood Post 4'x4'x12'

Contact Us for Pricing

  • Customer Supplied Post, Double Large Panel

Contact Us for Pricing

  • Purchased Double Post 4'x4'x8'
  • Purchased Double Post 4'x4'x10'

Contact Us for Pricing

  • Purchased Double Post 4'x4'x12'

Renewals do not apply to purchased post installations and a separate charges, based on 60% of the original invoice, applies for removals.

Call Before You Dig

Commercial properties require us to have the property marked for underground utilities. This requires two trips by our installers, one to mark the spot, and then to install the post.

Extended Service Areas Pricing

Due to high gasoline prices and to keep our installation pricing low some of our extended service areas will be serviced from one to three times per week depending on work flow and demand. For pricing please see our service are map.